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COVID-19 Update | Return to Play

We understand everyone is deeply disappointed and frustrated by the recent announcement to reinstate lockdown for the next six weeks, and the uncertainty this brings for the start of the new season. The committee has been discussing options as the situation unfolded in the last few months and would like to update you on the current status of the 2020/2021 season.

The return to lockdown does mean the season will not be commencing on 23 August.

If all goes well and numbers improve due to lockdown, we would look at starting training in October with a view to begin the season in November. This however is fully dependent on the Covid – 19 numbers. The committee will continue to monitor the situation, listen to department advice and change plans if required. In the case things improve dramatically, clubs will be allowed to organise their own training sessions earlier than October. You can check our Upcoming Events page to see when our next events will be held.

Powerchair Sports Victoria’s priority is the health and welfare of our players and we will not be taking any risks during this dangerous pandemic. In keeping with this, Powerchair Sports Victoria supports the choice of each player to return when they decide it is safe for them to do so. Thank you for your continued patience, cooperation and resilience as individuals and as a community, as we continue to navigate through these challenging times.

Please remember to reach out to us if you are struggling and need some support during these difficult times.

For any queries please contact Luke David via or Julia Svaganovic via

You can stay up to date with any advice and developments on COVID-19 via the Victoria Government website