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Australian Poweroos

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Team Overview

The Poweroos are the Australian national team for Powerchair Football.

Established in 2011, the team competes in the APO Cup as the qualifiers for the FIPFA World Cup. The team has also received invitations to other prestigious events including the COPA America in 2014.

Team Results

FIPFA World Cup 2011


APO Cup 2013


COPA America 2014


FIPFA World Cup 2017


APO Cup 2019


FIPFA 2021

In April 2018 the Fédération Internationale de Powerchair Football Association (FIPFA) announced Australia as the host of the 2021 World Cup. The event to be held at the QuayCentre in the Sydney Olympic Park.


Powerchair football was first introduced to Australia in 2010. The Australian Powerchair Football Associated was formed and the country became a member of the Federation Internationale de Powerchair Football Assocation (FIPFA) in 2011 as a representative of the Asia Pacific Oceania (APO) zone.

FIPFA facilitated a development event at the Sydney Sports Academy in September 2011 where FIPFA sponsored athletes, coaches, officials and referees from France, the USA and Japan to attend. No less than 30 players, beginners or experts, and five potential referees participated in the three days of practice, including workshops around the basic exercises (control of the chair and the ball, rotating, basic tactics, understanding the Regulations). The expert guidance and development opportunities provided by FIPFA provided the groundwork for the Austrlaian Poweroos participating in their international event being the 2011 FIPFA World Cup just two months later.

Player Statistics (Career)

Player Career Statistics (All Leagues, All Clubs)

Abdullah KarimPoweroosStrikeForce01
Andrew Kim-ForwardStrikeForce01
Bryce CastlesPoweroosStrikeForce01
Chris Turnbull-GoalkeeperStrikeForce01
Dimitri Liolio-DavisPoweroosStrikeForce01
Jordan CranePoweroosStrikeForce01
Josh MerkasPoweroos-01
Tristram PetersPoweroosStrikeForce01