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Balloon Soccer

Pride Cup 2018

Our annual ‘Pride Cup’ proudly sponsored by Pride Mobility will bring an end to our 2017/18 Summer Season. Dragons and Scorpions will clash in a best of three series, involving one game of each sport, Balloon Soccer, Powerchair Hockey & Rugby League.

It’s the best time to check out powerchair sports and meet Victoria’s best powerchair athletes. The Pride Cup is our most exciting and most competitive event on our calendar. If you know of anyone that might be interested in either participating in powerchair sports or perhaps volunteering, please feel free to invite them along as this is the perfect opportunity to see what it is all about.

1. Youki Innes
2. Dominic Renye
3. Josh Rycken
4. Shaun Mott
5. Daniel Maugeri
6. Ryan Deayton

1. Luke David
2. Michael Murdaca
3. Jülésÿ North-Coombes
4. James North-Coombes
5. Julia Svaganovic
6. Craig Kilby

Date: April 15th
Location: Aquahub, 11 Civic Square, Croydon

12:00pm – Barbecue
1:00pm – Rugby League
2:00pm – Balloon Soccer
3:00pm – Powerchair Hockey
3:45pm – Presentation and Awards

Rugby League

Rugby League


PRIDE CUP 2018 Poster