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Powerchair Football Club Championship 2018 Day 1 Recap

Congratulations to the Melbourne City Powerchair Football Team who were selected for the Club Championships of 2018. A special congratulations to Josh Rycken who made his debut today. A long time powerchair sports player, but first time powerchair football player.

#3. Shaun Mott
#7. Michael Murdaca
#13. Josh Rycken
#17. Daniel Maugeri
#23. Luke David

Josh Rycken making his debut for Melbourne City Powerchair Team

Melbourne City 0 – 4 Brisbane Roar

Our first game of the Club Championships 2018. This competition saw us bring two new players to the squad. Being the first game of the competition, we started enthusiastically but unfortunately while getting our plays together, we conceded three quick goals in the first 10 minutes. We managed to tighten our defence and improve our communication on court to settle the Roar and hold them to four goals for the match.

Only conceding one in the last 70% of the game. Stepping up to our one on one defense was Daniel Maugeri who has brought with him a wave of confidence and force, holding a lot of Brisbane’s men in their one on one conflicts. Brilliant work and well done. In defense we played Shaun Mott and Luke David. The pair worked well with each other. With majority of play being in our defense they did well to hold Brisbane and intercept many of their plays.

Melbourne City 0 – 2 Adelaide United

What a tough and tight game!

This game gave Melbourne’s defensive pressure a good beating. Our team has had a good taste of what to expect this week and are eager to improve their communication skills. The team has had ample opportunity to gain possession and play forward but has had the inability to communicate effectively with each other.

Playing against Adelaide always brings out Melbourne’s cohesiveness defensively, with Shaun Mott leading our defensive box, he and Luke David were able to stop many shots. Both Daniel Maugeri and Josh Rycken have started to get their momentum in our forward half, this being the first competition that they’ve had to play with each’other.



APFA Nationals 2017 Day 3 Recap

Victoria vs Northland.
Result – 1 – 0

From over the ditch, Northland are a team from New Zealand. With a mixture of old and new players they were a great match against Victoria. Both teams present with great defense but struggle to convert their hard work into goal scoring opportunities.

At half time this proved true with a level score of 0-0, not without persistent attempts from both teams.

Second half and the tantalizing agony of seeing both teams perform well in their defense but not being able to get the final score continued. Late into the second half, Victoria finally broke through two defenders and got a lead through a long range shot from L. David, which we were able to hold until the final whistle.

Head Coach, Rebecca Gulle directing the team during the match against Northland.

Victoria vs North Auckland.
Result – 1 – 0

North Auckland are the youngest team of the competition with most of their players under the age of 18. They are a team that without a doubt will be up their with the best in a couple of years time. They were quick to adapt and able to follow direction well from the senior coaches of other teams.

This game was no different to Victoria who have been working on strengthening their offence throughout the competition. We finished the first half 0-0 but not without multiple shots at goal and many kicks that were barely missed or closely saved.

Finally, in the second half Victoria were able to make a shot and slip a goal in between defenders. C. Kilby connected with a pass across the goal box to give Victoria the lead early in the half.

Introducing Victorian Powerchair Football Team 2017

We are pleased to announce the Victorian Team and the Head Coach for the upcoming Australian Powerchair Football Nationals to be held in Sydney in October 14 – 22. Over the past few months, athletes from around the state have been training and showing their skills to a group of selectors lead by newly appointed Head Coach, Rebecca Gulle. Training drills and matches were held throughout the recent Winter Season and with a remaining two sessions, training will intensify before the team leaves to compete against six other teams from Australia and New Zealand. Victoria hope to improve on their 5th place finish in 2016.

Head Coach - Rebecca Gulle
Head Coach – Rebecca Gulle

Victorian Powerchair Football Team 2017:

1. James North-Coombes
3. Shaun Mott
6. Craig Kilby
9. Jules North-Coombes
17. Daniel Maugeri
23. Luke David
24. Dominic Renye

Head Coach: Rebecca Gulle
Assistant Coach: Luke David

The Powerchair Football team will include two debutantes in Daniel Maugeri and Dominic Renye who will also be representing Victoria for the very first time in any powerchair sport. Well done and congratulations to all athletes selected and to Rebecca.

In the coming weeks, Rebecca will announce the Captain and Vice-Captain. We asked her how she was feeling about the upcoming National event..

“I’m really excited to bring a competitive team to nationals this year. We have a good group of guys and for the first time in VEWSA history we’ve been able to provide a full squad in Powerchair Football which is exciting for everyone involved!”

In another exciting development, two new Strikeforce chairs made their way to Victoria. Strikeforce chairs are specifically built for Powerchair Football, giving players more acceleration and more control over their speeds. There’s now three Strikeforce chairs in Victoria, which will make a big difference to the sport around the state. A big thank you goes out to Power Soccer Shop in the United States for sending out the Strikeforces so quickly and making the order process easy.

Josh Rycken and Shaun Mott in their new Strikeforce wheelchairs!
Three strikeforces are now in Victoria with Josh, Luke and Shaun.

Powerchair Football can be played by anyone who uses a powerchair. It was introduced in Australia in 2011 and this years National event will be its 7th, where New South Wales (4) and Queensland (2) have dominated the competition.

We are currently looking for individuals or businesses that are interested in sponsoring our state team. All costs to attend the Nationals is covered by each player which equates to around $2,000 per player. Strikeforce chairs which most athletes from around the country and Internationally use are around $15,000 each. Victoria hope to send a team full of athletes with Strikeforces in the future. Sponsoring the team can be a great opportunity and there are many ways for us to make it worth your while. If you are interested, please contact luke.david@vewsa.org.au

Powerchair Football Victoria
Powerchair Football Victoria

VEWSA would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Football Federation Victoria who will be supplying polo tops for our athletes to wear during the competition. Partnerships such as these are vital in helping us continue to grow Powerchair Football around the state. It is also great for our athletes to be recognised with all their hard work and determination.

Football Federation Victoria

For more information on Powerchair Football, email info@vewsa.org.au

Winter Season 2017 Details

Winter Season is all about the international sports and this year it will be the debut of Powerchair Hockey in Victoria! Both Powerchair Football and Powerchair Hockey have pathways to national and international levels. Anyone who uses an electric wheelchair for everyday mobility can play both sports. Both sports are strictly non-contact.

Powerchair Football is played with two teams of four players. Players use their electric wheelchair to push and ‘spin-kick’ a 330mm Football. Powerchair Football is a very tactical sport that requires skill, team work and communication.

Powerchair Hockey is broadly based on Ice Hockey/Floorball. A barrier surrounds the court which allows players to rebound the ball. Five players on a team, two must have ‘T-Sticks’.

Location: Aquahub, 11 Civic Square, Croydon
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm (Arrive by 12:30pm)
Sports: Powerchair Football & Powerchair Hockey
Cost: $75.00

Winter Calendar of Events 2017

Melbourne City vs Sydney FC
Photo by Rev Williams


2017 iPRO APFA Club Championship Quick Recap

The 2017 iPRO APFA Club Championship was held in Sydney, from the 3rd – 8th of January, 2017. Four players from our Winter Season were selected to represent the Melbourne City FC Powerchair Team which featured six other teams from New South Wales and Queensland. Shaun Mott, made his debut for Melbourne City. As did Western Australian, Dylan Needham, who also played his first official match of Powerchair Football.

Team Members

Melbourne City Powerchair Team 2017
Melbourne City Powerchair Team 2017

Shaun Mott, James North-Coombes, Luke David (Coach/Captain), Jules North-Coombes (Vice-Captain), Dylan Needham

Day 1

Newcastle Jets 6 – Melbourne City 0

Sydney FC 2 – Melbourne City 0

Melbourne City vs Sydney FC
Photo by Rev Williams (http://www.pbase.com/wrs864/australian_powerchair_football_ass_ipro_club_championship_2017)


Day 2

Roar PFC 4 – Melbourne City 0

Melbourne City 1 – Central Coast Mariners 0 (Luke David ’40)

Melbourne City vs Central Coast Mariners
Photo by Rev Williams (http://www.pbase.com/wrs864/australian_powerchair_football_ass_ipro_club_championship_2017)

Day 3

Brisbane PFC 9 – Melbourne City 0

Brisbane PCF vs. Melbourne City
Photo by Rev Williams (http://www.pbase.com/wrs864/australian_powerchair_football_ass_ipro_club_championship_2017)

Day 4

Western Sydney Wanderers 2 – Melbourne City 0

Melbourne City vs. Western Sydney Wanderers
Photo by Rev Williams (http://www.pbase.com/wrs864/australian_powerchair_football_ass_ipro_club_championship_2017)

Day 5 (Championship Final)

Newcastle Jets 1 – Brisbane PFC 0

Club Champions 2017 - Newcastle Jets
Photo by Rev Williams (http://www.pbase.com/wrs864/australian_powerchair_football_ass_ipro_club_championship_2017)

A big thank you to our support crew, our athletes and Melbourne City! The team struggled with consistancy but continue to improve at each event. Team Captain and Coach had this to say after the event:

I cherish every moment I get to play sport. Not only do I get to do the thing I love, I also get to spend time with some of the best people! Powerchair Football struggles to get the attention it deserves in Victoria which makes it hard to train and compete against teams in NSW and QLD. We never gave up though, so proud of my team mates. We struggle with consistency but we pulled off an incredible win against the Central Coast Mariners. We battled hard against Sydney and Western Sydney Wanderers. A big thank you to our support crew and to Western Australian player Dylan Needham for coming down to play for us. You only just got your Strikeforce and hadn’t played a proper Powerchair Football match but you stepped in and played so well. It’s time to take this experience back and prepare for Nationals in October for both of our states. Onto bigger things for Powerchair Football in Victoria!


APFA National Championship 2016 Report

The Australian Powerchair Football Australia National championships 2016 was held in Sydney, from the 9th – 16th of October. Melbourne City FC supported the team and provided the players with team shirts! Powerchair Football can be played by anyone who uses a powerchair. The sport is played all around the world. Five athletes from Victoria were joined by Peter Dalrymple from New South Wales. Shaun Mott, after an impressive first season, made his debut for Victoria. The competition started with four days of round robin matches which saw each team play each other twice.

Team Members

Victorian Team 2016

Jeff Carter (Coach), Simon Sheargold (Assistant Coach), Luke David (Captain), Craig Kilby (Vice-Captain), James North-Coombes, Jules North-Coombes, Shaun Mott and Peter Dalrymple.

Day 1

Victoria opened their campaign against Western Australia which consisted of a few New South Wales players. It was a tight game which saw Victoria defend a number of shots from Western Australia. Western Australia capitalised on their chances and took a 2-0 lead at the half-time break. Victoria fought back well in the 2nd hald and were able to pinch a goal back through team captain, Luke David, who slotted a penalty goal. Victoria produced more chances but were unable to find an equaliser. Final score, Western Australia 2 – Victoria 1.

Victoria’s second match of the day saw them take on the might of Queensland, who were favourites to take home the championship. It was tough game for Victoria who spent majority of the time defending Queensland’s impressive ball movement. It was a good learning experience for the Victorian players and although it could of been much worse, it was a disappointing result, final score, Queensland 6 – Victoria 0

APFA Nationals 2016
Photo by Rev Williams (http://www.pbase.com/wrs864/power_football_nationals_2016)

Day 2

The team first took on New South Wales. It was a very exciting first half, both Luke David and Peter Dalrymple working well as a defensive unit. New South Wales created many scoring opportunities, but took just a 1 – 0 lead into the half time break. The second half saw New South Wales make a few subsitutions which completely changed the match. They were able penetrate the defensive pressure of Victoria, scoring five more goals, final score, New South Wales 6 – Victoria 0. Although it was a heavy loss for Victoria, the team made New South Wales earn every goal and prevented many more chances New South Wales had created. It was a huge improvement from day 1 for the Victorian team.

With confidence building after a solid defensive effort against New South Wales, the team moved on to South Australia. It was an intense, hard fought performance from both teams. 0 – 0 at half-time. James North-Coombes turned defense into attack and scores what would be the winning goal from a stunning rebound shot off South Australia’s goalie early in the 2nd half. It was a nervous finish to the match, with Victoria once again defending superbly, final score, Victoria 1 – South Australia 0. Victoria’s first win of the tournament abd Jeff Carter’s first win as Head Coach.

APFA Nationals 2016
Photo by Rev Williams (http://www.pbase.com/wrs864/power_football_nationals_2016)

Day 3

The first match of the day was a tough but impressive encounter against tournament favorite Queensland. The Queenslanders created many opportunities but it was Victoria’s defence that stood tall for majority of the match. Luke David assisted Craig Kilby to score Victoria’s third goal in the tournament. Final score, Queensland 3 – Victoria 1.

Next game was against Western Australia. It was close match the last time these two teams met and again it was an exciting match. Luke David opened the scoring with a mid-range shot to the left post. Victoria took the lead at half-time, 1 – 0. Western Australia came out firing in the second half and had the better of opportunities, eventually equalising with 8 minutes left on the clock. Final score Victoria 1 – Western Australia 1.

APFA Nationals 2016
Photo by Rev Williams (http://www.pbase.com/wrs864/power_football_nationals_2016)

Day 4

Victoria put up an impressive effort against reigning champions, New South Wales. Both Luke David and Peter Dalrymple blocked plenty of shots, though New South Wales did eventually break through and close out the match. It was an encouraging sign from the Victorian team, who improved again from the first match against New South Wales on Day 1. Final score, New South Wales 4 – Victoria 0.

The final round robin match was against South Australia who made the most of their opportunities. South Australia took an early lead and made it 2 – 0 at the half-time break. South Australia went on to score two more, final score, South Australia 4 – Victoria 0.

APFA Nationals 2016
Photo by Martin Dalrymple

Day 5 (Finals)

Minor Finals

The day commenced with New South Wales taking on Western Australia for a spot in the Grand Final. New South Wales proved too good, winning 5 – 0. Victoria took to the court along with South Australia for the right to play Western Australia for 3rd place. South Australia def Victoria 2 – 0 and progressed through, while Victoria finished in 5th place.

Western Australia went 1 – 0 up as James Kim opens the scoring. Western Australia would take a 1-0 lead into the break. Santo Bongiovanni leveled the scores 1-1 with 3:38 left on the clock but Western Australia found a winner close to full-time. Western Australia finished in 3rd place winning 2-1, South Australia finished 4th.

Grand Final

Queensland would remain undefeated through out the group stage and met New South Wales in the Grand Final. Queensland were looking for redemption after a narrow loss to New South Wales in a penalty shootout in last years APFA Nationals. These two teams are building an impressive rivalry, this years final was no exception.

This thrilling contest saw Queensland open the scoring late in the first half and take a 1-0 lead into the break. New South Wales answered with a goal of their own early in the 2nd half to level scores at 1-1. Queensland broke away in the second half, taking a 3 – 1 lead. New South Wales fought back hard, scoring to make it 3 – 2 in the last few minutes were unable to find another goal. Queensland were crowned Australian Powerchair Football National Champions for the second time, after their first win in 2014.

A good week was had by all, the competition was fierce but friendly. We would like to thank all the organisers, referees, athletes, carers, fans and sponsors for making the competition so fantastic. Bring on APFA 2017!

1st – Queensland

2nd – New South Wales

3rd – Western Australia

4th – South Australia

5th – Victoria

Victorian Goal Scorers

Luke David – 2
Craig Kilby – 1
James North-Coombes – 1


The championships concluded with a presentation dinner on Saturday night where the tournament’s top performers were recognised for their accomplishments through the week. Ambassador Rale Rasic OAM was on hand to present the awards to the athletes. The award winners were:

Most assists: Bryce Castles (QLD) – 12 assists
Golden guard (Most Goals): Jordan Crane (NSW), Josh Merkas (QLD) and Tristram Peters (QLD) – 9 goals
Best defence: Luke David (VIC)
Team Fair Play Award: Victoria
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Santo Bongiovanni (SA)

Luke David Best Defence
Luke David awarded ‘Best Defence’
Team Fair Play Award
Team Fair Play Award awarded to Victoria

Australian World Cup Squad Announcement

Bryce Castles (Queensland)
Jordan Crane (New South Wales)
Abdullah Karim (New South Wales)
Dimitri Liolio-Davis (New South Wales)
Josh Merkas (Queensland)
Tristram Peters (Queensland)
Chris Suffield (New South Wales)
Chris Turnbull (New South Wales)

Santo Bongiovanni (South Australia)
Jacob Cross (New South Wales)

Written by Craig Kilby

APFA Nationals 2016 – Day 5 (Finals) Recap

The 2016 Australian Powerchair Football Nationals has come to an end. Congratulations to Queensland who were crowned National Champions for a second time. Congratulations to all teams and athletes on a fantastic week! We would like to thank all of the organisers, our support crew and our two coaches, Jeff Carter and Simon Sheargold. Club Championship comes up in January!


Major Semi-Final: New South Wales 5 – Western Australia 0
Minor Semi-Final: South Australia 2 – Victoria 0
3rd Place Play-Off: Western Australia 2 – South Australia 1
Championship Game: Queensland 3 – New South Wales 2

Final Standings

1st – Queensland
2nd – New South Wales
3rd – Western Australia
4th – South Australia
5th – Victoria

APFA Nationals 2016 – Day 4 Recap

Day 4 of the Australian Powerchair Football Nationals is over. The group stage has come to a close with Queensland topping the table and earning direct passage to the final. New South Wales and Western Australia will fight for the other place in the final on Saturday while the two remaining teams, South Australia and Victoria will play to reach the 3rd place playoff.


New South Wales 4 – Victoria 0
Queensland 2 – South Australia 0
New South Wales 4 – Western Australia 1
South Australia 4 – Victoria 0
Queensland 3 – Western Australia 1

Day 4 Schedule

10.30am – Major semi final – 2nd v 3rd – New South Wales v Western Australia
11.30am – Minor semi final – 4th v 5th – South Australia v Victoria
2.00pm – 3rd place playoff – Loser major semi v winner minor semi
3.10pm – Championship game – Queensland v winner major semi final


Final Table APFA 2016

Craig Kilby Victoria 2016

APFA Nationals 2016 – Day 3 Recap

Day 3 of the Australian Powerchair Football Nationals is over. Victoria went close to winning their second game of the tournament but Western Australia striked an equaliser with 8 minutes to go. Tomorrow brings the group stage to a close.


South Australia 0 –  Western Australia 0
Queensland 3 – Victoria 1 (Goal scored by Craig Kilby and assisted by Luke David)
New South Wales 4 – South Australia 0
Victoria 1 – Western Australia 1 (Goal scored by Luke David)
Queensland 4New South Wales 1

Day 4 Schedule

Day 4 Schedule



APFA Nationals 2016 – Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of the Australian Powerchair Football Nationals is over. Victoria recorded their first win at the tournament against South Australia. All teams have now played each other once and will play each other again over the next two days before the finals on Saturday.


Queensland 2 – 0 Western Australia
New South Wales 6 – 0 Victoria
Queensland 6 – 0 South Australia
New South Wales 5 – 0 Western Australia
Victoria 1 – 0 South Australia (Goal scored by James North-Coombes)

Day 3 Schedule

Day 3 Schedule

Day 3 Schedule


Day 2 Table
Day 2 Table