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Run Melbourne 2017 Success!

Luke, Tim and Shaun took part in Run Melbourne 2017 on July 30 to raise awareness and fundraise for Victorian Electric Wheelchair Sports Association. Joined by twenty thousand other runners/wheelers, they made the most of a beautiful winter’s morning in the city. It was decided early on that the group of three would attempt the 10km event and aim for a finish under 50 minutes. A fundraising goal of $1,000 was set and we are very proud to announce that the group raised $1,165. A terrific effort!

At the finish line!

We had many donations from friends, family members and supporters of VEWSA. Luke also received huge support from Pride Mobility Products Australia who installed new motors and tyres on his powerchair, in the hope that it would increase his speed. His finish time ended up being 45:39.7! Way in front of his goal! Support Your Way also contributed with a very generous donation.

Support Your Way

Tim, loving a good run and having a ton of experience with competitive running finished in 37:32.1. Shaun experienced battery problems mid way through the event and had to pull out with a few kilometres to go. Next year Shauny!

The three members had a fantastic time and received heaps of encouragement and support throughout the course. VEWSA would like to thank everyone who shared, donated, supported and encouraged Luke, Shaun and Tim.

Run Melbourne 2017

Run Melbourne 2017

We’ll be back next year! Interested in joining us? Let us know!