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NEWS 2018 Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of National Electric Wheelchair Sports has come to a close. The day started off a tight contest against Western Australia. Victoria had a few late chances to equalise but just couldn’t find the gap.

In the Grand Final rematch of last year, it was another classic but controversial finish against South Australia. South Australia took the lead twice but Victoria were able to manage to fight back and score the winning goal with only a few minutes remaining. A last second free hit gave South Australia the opportunity to equalise but Victoria’s defence stood tall.

New South Wales were as feisty as ever and put a ton of pressure on Victoria in the last game of the day. At half-time the score stood 2 – 2, Victoria came out strong and were able to break through the opponents strong defence. The victory giving Victoria a Grand Final spot against Western Australia.

Match Results:
WA 2 def. VIC 1
SA 5 def. NSW 2
VIC 3 def. SA 2
WA 4 def. NSW 0
WA 3 def. SA 2
VIC 4 def. NSW 2

Day 2: Rugby League

VIC v SA | NEWS 2018