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APFA Nationals 2017 Day 4 Recap

Victoria vs Western Australia.
Result: 1 – 1

Heading into today, Victoria needed to obtain a draw or a win in order to secure fourth position heading into finals. Earlier in the day Western Australia had drew with Northland.

Both Western Australia and Victoria play a defensive game. Both states having struggled in the past to have players with adequate sports chairs and even being able to get players over to the national competitions. This year was no different and both teams knew that this would be a game of which team could rise and push through a grid locked defense.

Both teams brought with them not only great defensive pressure but the offensive drive to keep everyone on the edge of their seats until the final whistle.

It was S. Mott who scored for Victoria mid way through the first half which brought Victoria to a 1-0 lead. Not becoming complacent, Victoria kept their more experienced players on the court, knowing very well that with each play Western Australia could easily break through. And they did, equaling the score at 1-1 part way through the second half.

Neither team were able to connect another shot which drew the game to an end. A goal a side.

Today concluded the end of the standard group stages of Nationals. Tomorrow brings forward the finals series.

Victoria will verse first place on the ladder (New South Wales). They will then play the winner or loser of the game between Queensland and South Australia depending on the result of their first game.

What a great way to end such a great series of matches!

James, Luke and Rebecca (Left – Right) court side on Day 4