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APFA Nationals 2017 Day 3 Recap

Victoria vs Northland.
Result – 1 – 0

From over the ditch, Northland are a team from New Zealand. With a mixture of old and new players they were a great match against Victoria. Both teams present with great defense but struggle to convert their hard work into goal scoring opportunities.

At half time this proved true with a level score of 0-0, not without persistent attempts from both teams.

Second half and the tantalizing agony of seeing both teams perform well in their defense but not being able to get the final score continued. Late into the second half, Victoria finally broke through two defenders and got a lead through a long range shot from L. David, which we were able to hold until the final whistle.

Head Coach, Rebecca Gulle directing the team during the match against Northland.

Victoria vs North Auckland.
Result – 1 – 0

North Auckland are the youngest team of the competition with most of their players under the age of 18. They are a team that without a doubt will be up their with the best in a couple of years time. They were quick to adapt and able to follow direction well from the senior coaches of other teams.

This game was no different to Victoria who have been working on strengthening their offence throughout the competition. We finished the first half 0-0 but not without multiple shots at goal and many kicks that were barely missed or closely saved.

Finally, in the second half Victoria were able to make a shot and slip a goal in between defenders. C. Kilby connected with a pass across the goal box to give Victoria the lead early in the half.