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APFA Nationals 2017 Day 2 Recap

Victoria vs South Australia.
Result- 0 – 1

Heading into Day 2 Victoria had the single game against their true rivals: South Australia. South Australia and Victoria have always been keen competitors as their development has progressed similarly over the history of the sport in Australia. This year -of course- was no different.

Taking the court the two teams knew they had a battle on their hands. Victoria are well known for their strong defensive pressure and South Australia have a forceful power heading into their offending end. Naturally it was a tough game with South Australia making a quick intercept leading into the goal advantage they needed to hold up the game.

Throughout the game the pressure remained at its peak, with play after play leading into a potential equaliser for Victoria. Unfortunately for Victoria, they were unable to break through South Australia’s defense and were unable to equalise the game, seeing them concede 0-1 to their ongoing rivals.

Until next time South Australia!

Luke, Shaun and Craig (Left – right) before the game.