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APFA Nationals 2017 Day 1 Recap

Heading into our first day, Victoria anticipated a hard start to the week. Today we played our first two games against both of the grand final teams for 2016 (the only grand final teams in the history of Powerchair Football in Australia). Both of these teams are infiltrated with Australian World Cup players who are all veterans of the sport.

Victorian Powerchair Football Squad 2017

Victoria vs New South Wales.
Result- 5 – 1

Not to be underestimated, the team made their way onto court and held great defensive pressure throughout the match. Conceding our first goal to New South Wales part way through the first half, Victoria regained their composure and equaled the match at 1-1 at half time. Not only was this Victoria’s second goal to New Sout Wales in the history of Nationals but it was set up with a play the team had been working on over and over through out this past Winter Season. Set up with a kick in by S. Mott and scored by L. David, every player on court was set up to ensure the point was scored.

The maturity of New South Wales showed after half time where they regrouped, recomposed and showed our players the stamina and experience they are known for. Victoria conceded four goals in the half, but with no doubt, every goal against us was not with out a fight.

Congratulations to D. Maugeri and D. Renye for playing their first ever Powerchair Football games for Victoria.

Victoria vs Queensland.
7 – 0

Coming into this game Victoria was expecting a similar styled game to their previous. Being reigning champions, we knew Queensland would come out strong and hard. This was Queensland’s first match of the week and their energy and drive for the ball was hard to match. Especially after our hard game earlier in the day. Victoria pushed forward with great offensive set ups but unfortunately it was unsuccessful against the composure and well timed keeping of the Queensland defence.

Half time saw Victoria down 2-0, but again, our defensive pressure was shown by each member of the team.

Victoria’s second half saw a little bit more fatigue settle in, but with great positioning and adjustments to force the Queensland players out of their positions. Although we got the ball down their, we couldn’t get past their players last line of defence and unfortunately finished the game without a score against them.

The ending of Day One showed to the other states the hard work the Victorian squad have put in throughout the last year. Our Victoria squad were not only defensively strong, but not a team to be underestimated this coming week.

Great job Victoria!