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Powerchair Football Club Championship 2018 Day 1 Recap

Congratulations to the Melbourne City Powerchair Football Team who were selected for the Club Championships of 2018. A special congratulations to Josh Rycken who made his debut today. A long time powerchair sports player, but first time powerchair football player.

#3. Shaun Mott
#7. Michael Murdaca
#13. Josh Rycken
#17. Daniel Maugeri
#23. Luke David

Josh Rycken making his debut for Melbourne City Powerchair Team

Melbourne City 0 – 4 Brisbane Roar

Our first game of the Club Championships 2018. This competition saw us bring two new players to the squad. Being the first game of the competition, we started enthusiastically but unfortunately while getting our plays together, we conceded three quick goals in the first 10 minutes. We managed to tighten our defence and improve our communication on court to settle the Roar and hold them to four goals for the match.

Only conceding one in the last 70% of the game. Stepping up to our one on one defense was Daniel Maugeri who has brought with him a wave of confidence and force, holding a lot of Brisbane’s men in their one on one conflicts. Brilliant work and well done. In defense we played Shaun Mott and Luke David. The pair worked well with each other. With majority of play being in our defense they did well to hold Brisbane and intercept many of their plays.

Melbourne City 0 – 2 Adelaide United

What a tough and tight game!

This game gave Melbourne’s defensive pressure a good beating. Our team has had a good taste of what to expect this week and are eager to improve their communication skills. The team has had ample opportunity to gain possession and play forward but has had the inability to communicate effectively with each other.

Playing against Adelaide always brings out Melbourne’s cohesiveness defensively, with Shaun Mott leading our defensive box, he and Luke David were able to stop many shots. Both Daniel Maugeri and Josh Rycken have started to get their momentum in our forward half, this being the first competition that they’ve had to play with each’other.