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Winter Season 2018 Grand Final Details

Our 2018 Winter Season comes to a close this Sunday, September 16th!


Aquahub, 11 Civic Square, Croydon

1:30pm | Powerchair Football | Melbourne City FC Powerchair Team vs. South Melbourne FC Powerchair Team
2:30pm | Powerchair Hockey  | Penguins vs. Rangers


South Melbourne: Shaun Mott, Chris Kessaris, Jules North-Coombes, James North-Coombes, Craig Kilby, Michael Murdaca
Melbourne City: Luke David, Daniel Maugeri, Josh Rycken, Julia Svagnovic, Youki Innes, Dominic Renye, Gavin Thorneycroft

Rangers: Shaun Mott, Josh Rycken, James North-Coombes, Youki Innes, Dominic Renye, Chris Kessaris
Penguins: Luke David, Craig Kilby, Jules North-Coombes, Daniel Maugeri, Julia Svaganovic

Premiership Table

After 11 rounds, South Melbourne claim the Premiership in Powerchair Football while the Rangers took the last two rounds to clinch the Powerchair Hockey on goal difference. How will the Championship finals play out?

Winter Season 2018 Ladder

Goal Scorers:

Winter Season 2018 Goal Scorers