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VPL Season 2021

The 2021 Pride Mobility VPL Season marks the return of powerchair sports since October 2019. The Powerchair Football competition will see cross-town rivals Melbourne City take on South Melbourne for the Premiership.

Standings - DIVISION 1

Melbourne City105321991018
South Melbourne10235919-109

Goal Scorers - DIVISION 1

Jules North-CoombesMelbourne City98
Luke DavidMelbourne City98
Chris KessarisSouth Melbourne93
Shaun MottSouth Melbourne103
Wendy OdgersMelbourne City23
David MacphersonSouth Melbourne22
Craig KilbySouth Melbourne31

Assists - DIVISION 1

Luke DavidMelbourne City96
Shaun MottSouth Melbourne104
Jules North-CoombesMelbourne City93
Shaun MillettMelbourne City102

Standings - DIVISION 2

South Melbourne1071235142122
Melbourne City102171435-217

Goal Scorers - DIVISION 2

David MacphersonSouth Melbourne712
Gavin ThorneycroftSouth Melbourne49
Craig KilbySouth Melbourne68
Wendy OdgersMelbourne City75
Ryan DeaytonMelbourne City42
Angus LloydSouth Melbourne71
Belinda AitkenMelbourne City41
Dominic RenyeMelbourne City61
Keelin FoleySouth Melbourne11

Assists - DIVISION 2

Craig KilbySouth Melbourne68
David MacphersonSouth Melbourne74
Dylan AzzopardiMelbourne City11
Gavin ThorneycroftSouth Melbourne41
Julia SvaganovicMelbourne City81