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VEWSA’s Youth Program Launches

VEWSA would like to introduce the youth program to take place alongside the Premier League. Aimed at powerchair users under the age of 18, it will be a great opportunity to get involved and be a part of the action. This is the best chance to see the sports live and to check out the specialised equipment required to play Powerchair Football.

The youth program will enhance pathways for new players to learn the rules of Powerchair Football and develop the necessary skills before ultimately making their way into the Premier League. Not only will these young athletes benefit from learning about and competing in Powerchair Football, but it is a truly enriching experience to be a part of a professional team sport, demonstrating that disability will not stand in the way of people wanting to pursue such goals. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with people and gain a lot of social confidence, all while making many new friendships along the way.

Senior players and coaches will be available to run through drills and plays, giving tips and mentoring the young athletes. Following these training drills, there will be a chance to check out the game at its competitive best as Melbourne City FC plays South Melbourne FC in the Premier League.

The program will commence with the launch of the upcoming Premier League season on May 19 at 1pm at Aquahub, Croydon.

To join or find out more information, please contact VEWSA President, Luke on