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VEWSA announce N.E.W.S 2019 Coaches

VEWSA has officially unveiled new Head Coach, Luke David and Assistant, Rebecca Gulle as the new coaching group for the Victorian Warriors.

Victorian Warriors

Victorian Warriors proudly supported by Pride Mobility, Motion Wheelchairs, SuperSealing, Muscular Dystrophy Australia

Luke David, 26, has rich and significant experience both as a player and coach at state and national level, including Head Coach of Melbourne City Powerchair Team, thirteen years playing experience with Victorian Warriors, and as an assistant coach under the previous Head Coach, Hans Boers since 2015. Luke will be the first player/coach for the team since Alan Wright.

Rebecca Gulle, 26, has been involved with VEWSA since 2017 when she became a committee member and also the state coach of the Victorian Powerchair Football team. Her coaching roles quickly grew to Melbourne City at the 2018 Club Championships and then as an assistant coach for the Victorian Warriors at N.E.W.S. 2018.  Her eagerness to learn and her dedication to the sports saw her appointed as the inaugural South Melbourne Powerchair Team Head Coach and her biggest role yet, Coach of the Australian Sliders Powerchair Hockey team which competed at the World Championships in September 2018.

Left to Right: Rebecca Gulle, Luke David and Hans Boers

The Victorian Warriors will compete at National Electric Wheelchair Sports (N.E.W.S.) 2019 which will be held in Sydney, April 13 – 20. A team of six and two emergencies will be selected over the next month for the three sports of Powerchair Football, Powerchair Hockey and Rugby League. Players in the Victorian Powerchair Sports League (VPSL) are eligible for selection. It will be the 34th N.E.W.S. event.

We would like to thank Hans Boers for his tremendous work as he retires after 17 years and 282 matches with the Victorian Warriors. Hans is the longest serving coach not just for the team but at N.E.W.S as well. He has bought success to the team with a number of Hockey championships and Roger Melnyk Trophies. Hans will continue to support the team and currently sits on the committee.

Luke and Rebecca will work closely together as they have in multiple roles over the past two years. After winning the Hockey championships three years in a row, both coaches look to add another championship in 2019 but are also looking to the elusive Rugby League trophy. 2019 will be the first year that Powerchair Football will be played at N.E.W.S after it replaced Balloon Soccer. It’s a clear goal of the coaching group to win the first Powerchair Football trophy at N.E.W.S.

Victorian Warriors at National Electric Wheelchair Sports 2018