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Balloon Soccer

Pride Cup 2017 Report

Scorpions claimed their fourth Pride Cup championship in a row, taking the best-off-three series 3-0 on Sunday 9th of April, 2017. A clear victory in game 1 put early pressure on the Dragons who lead by two goals in Balloon Soccer early in the 1st half. The Scorpions fought back well and took the lead with a minute to go. Game 3 was also decided by one goal and bought about a very exciting finish to the series. Well done to both teams!

Game 1: Rugby League
Scorpions (38) def. Dragons (22)

Scorpions: Luke David 18, Dominic Renye 8, Craig Kilby 4, Daniel Maugeri 4, Michael Murdaca 4
Dragons: Shaun Mott 14, , Ryan Deayton 4, Josh Rycken 4

Game 2: Balloon Soccer
Scorpions (4) def. Dragons (3)

Scorpions: Luke David 3
Dragons: Shaun Mott 2, Josh Rycken 1

Game 3: Hockey
Scorpions (8) def. Dragons (7)

Scorpions: Luke David 8
Dragons: Ryan Deayton 4, Shaun Mott 3

Scorpions Team Photo 2017

Rugby League Overall Best & Fairest: Luke David
Balloon Soccer Overall Best & Fairest: Luke David
Hockey Overall Best & Fairest: Luke David
Most Valuable Player: Luke David

Top Scorers (Summer Season 2016/17):


Luke David 94
Shaun Mott 31
Ryan Deayton 20
Josh Rycken 4
Michael Murdaca 1

Balloon Soccer:

Luke David 23
Shaun Mott 11
Jules North-Coombes 9
James North-Coombes 8
Dominic Renye 7
Ryan Deayton 7
Craig Kilby 5
Michael Murdaca 5
Josh Rycken 4
Daniel Maugeri 3
Jason Crocker 1

Rugby League:

Luke David 314
Ryan Deayton 164
Shaun Mott 106
Josh Rycken 42
Craig Kilby 28
Jules North-Coombes 28
Michael Murdaca 28
Daniel Maugeri 20
Dominic Renye 20
James North-Coombes 16
Toby McKain 4

A big thank you to everyone who attended today and supported our players. It was a great turn out!

None of this would of been possible without the amazing support of our volunteers, committee members and sponsors. Your support gives our players the opportunity to do what they love which is to play sport!

The Pride Cup bought an end to our Summer Season but there is plenty more electric wheelchair sport action coming up! A team of 6 have been selected to represent Victoria at the National Electric Wheelchair Sports event next week in Sydney. We wish them the best of luck!

Our Winter Season will begin on May 7th. We will be introducing a new form of Hockey called Powerchair Hockey. You can find out more information here