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Melbourne City

Powerchair Premier League 2019 RD 2 Results

Victorian Powerchair Premier League Round 2

Powerchair Football | Round 2 gave both Melbourne City and South Melbourne a chance to claim the first three points of the season. South Melbourne were strengthened by the return of Jules North-Coombes. Both teams had golden opportunities in the first half to put a goal on the board but couldn’t get it past the strong defences of either side. No team dominated possession as an even first half concluded with the scores locked at nil all at the break. Early into the second half saw a three-quarter sideline shot from Luke David make it past a disorganised South Melbourne defence as the ball sailed through for the opening goal. A bit of controversy arose as the goal was disallowed originally before given the all clear moments later. Down a goal, South Melbourne were desperate to gain one back and had plenty of chances as they came close on several occasions. Melbourne City were able to restore some control and were able to maintain it through the final minutes and held on to take the first victory of the season with a 1-0 win. They will look to make it consecutive wins against a desperate South Melbourne aiming to keep in touch in round 3 on June 16th.

FT: Melbourne City (1) def. South Melbourne (0)

Goal scorers
Melbourne City – L.David (1)

Powerchair Hockey | The second round saw the return of the Melbourne Ducks and the Melbourne Hunters. The game started off in a similar fashion to the first round as both teams struggled to jump out of the gate. But also similarly to the first round, it was the Ducks who opened up their account with consecutive goals to Luke David with yet again the Ducks gained a handy lead at the break. It was much the same in the second half with the score blowing out to a 5-0 lead for the Ducks. Despite the score line, Hunters keeper James North-Coombes could hold his head up high as he made important saves to keep the score line modest. Likewise, the defence of the Ducks, led by Julia Svaganovic and Daniel Maugeri looked destined for a clean sheet before two late goals from the Hunters put respect back onto the scoreboard. But it was another case of the Hunters being outclassed by the Ducks who ran out with a 6-2 win. The Hunters will look to improve and the Ducks will be keen to keep their winning ways as the season continues on June 16th.

FT: Ducks (6) def. Hunters (2)

Goal scorers
Ducks – L.David (6)
Hunters – S.Mott (2)