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Powerchair Football Club Championship 2018 Day 5 Recap

What a win from our guys!

This match, our aim was to set up more scoring opportunities as a team using the skills we have tried to refine during the week. It looked well disciplined and well formed. Our guys learnt when to leave the ball and when to charge and it was purely these moments that opened up our scoring opportunities.

As a team we love versing Perth Glory. They are a more inexperienced side but just like us, are developing skills and team chemistry more and more after each match. It’s always a delight to meet at each tournament and put each other to the test.

Special note to Josh Rycken’s debut goal. Through a penalty Josh was able to score his first ever goal in his powerchair football career.

Melbourne City 5 def. Perth Glory 1

Goals: Luke David 4, Josh Rycken 1

Assists: Shaun Mott 3