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North Auckland vs Sydney FC

0 - 0
Full Time


Date Time League Season Match Day Full Time
21 January 2020 2:00 PM 2020 APFA Club Championship (Playoffs) 2020 PLAYOFF 5th vs 6th 40'


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
North Auckland000Draw
Sydney FC000Draw


The play off for 5th position started with Sydney FC gaining the upper hand with early possession. Sandra Wilcox and Cooper Pulini up front for North Auckland launched on the counter and came close to scoring around the five minute mark.

As the minutes ticked by, it was an end-to-end affair. Cooper Pulini going head-to-head with Sydney FC playmarker Jordan Crane was a great sight. Inside the final two minutes, a long range pass for Sydney FC found Jye Mokluk in the open. He edged the ball into the area and then came up against the two North Auckland defenders. He drove the ball through forcing the guards apart putting the ball across the line but was adjudged to have done so illegally. The first half would finish with a blank scoreboard.



North Auckland

Player Position Goals Assists Yellow Cards Red Cards Own Goals
Rhys Vermeulen-00000
Logan McColl-00000
Sandra Wilcock-00000
Mike Wheeler-00000
Cooper Pulini-00000

Sydney FC

Player Position Goals Assists Yellow Cards Red Cards Own Goals
Shannon Anlezark-00000
Jye Mokluk-00100
Jake Vidakovic-00000
Brennan Massey-00100
Jordan Crane-00000


Sarah Durack Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney, City of Parramatta Council, New South Wales, 2127, Australia