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Australian Powerchair Football World Cup Squad Announced

The Australian Poweroos team for the 2017 FIPFA World Cup was announced at the recent Australian Powerchair Football National Championship. A presentation dinner was held on the last night of the event, where the selections were announced to the athletes. The head coach of the national team, Peter Turnbull, and Victoria’s own Simon Sheargold explained how difficult it was to pick the last player or two on the team and the process they took to finalise their selections. The team consists of four P1’s and four P2’s, five athletes are from New South Wales while the remaining three are from Queensland. The final team, plus emergenices are as follows:

Final Squad

Bryce Castles (Queensland)
Jordan Crane (New South Wales)
Abdullah Karim (New South Wales)
Dimitri Liolio-Davis (New South Wales)
Josh Merkas (Queensland)
Tristram Peters (Queensland)
Chris Suffield (New South Wales)
Chris Turnbull (New South Wales)


Santo Bongiovanni (South Australia)
Jacob Cross (New South Wales)

Congratulations to all of the selections. We wish you the very best in Florida next year!

Australian World Cup Squad 2016

Australian World Cup Squad 2016